Daniel Tocatlian has a fast turning motor and is constantly looking for a new project to tackle or skill to learn. With his strong work ethic and self-starter mentality, Daniel leads by example and seeks to bring out the best in himself and those around him.

Daniel Tocatlian is a family oriented, religious man with strong ties to his community. A husband, father, brother and good-hearted neighbor, Daniel enjoys spending time with those around him and is always looking to lend a helping-hand. Daniel credits his success and positivity to his faith in God; through faith he derives his strength, perseverance and a motivation to continually improve himself. You can usually find Daniel Tocatlian outside, as his appreciation for nature and the outdoors are a catalyst to his healthy engagement with the world.

Daniel Tocatlian works as a project professional while earlier in his career he served as an systems technology engineer. He has a history of driving complex initiatives for diverse domestic and international companies in technology, financial and engineering sectors.

Daniel, a graduate of Drexel University, credits his engineering degree for his outlook on the world. Daniel Tocatlian has a deep understanding and appreciation for the interconnectedness of people, technology and processes in today’s ever-evolving modern lifestyle.

Daniel truly believes that education and self-development is an ongoing and lifelong process. Currently furthering his education, Daniel is enrolled in a PMI-approved coursework preparing him to qualify for the PMP exam. Daniel Tocatlian, motivated by his faith, understands that he needs to utilize his God-given talents and abilities, to help improve the world around, much like the saints have demonstrated.

Daniel Tocatlian also donates a lot of his time to volunteer work. Having personally experienced the challenges that cancer has on ones life, through his father’s history of battling it, Daniel helps out at The Breathing Room Foundation. The Breathing Room Foundation provides care and support to local families affected by cancer.

He supports his community in scouting, he himself achieved rank of Eagle Scout, he coaches soccer and baseball as well as opens his home to host families who are visiting the country.